Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gecko Speak.

In my country, some boys (XY) like to get a girls (XX) attention by making a gecko kind of sound; basically by pursing your lips into a kissing position and inhaling throught the mouth. I HATE THAT! We don't speak gecko and neither are we dogs so if you want to get our attention just stick to the human language and say hi or a smile will do. Right girls?

Beautiful people.

My beau (XY) and I (XX) are a beautiful couple. And we love to people watch and make fun of their clothes or style. But I get pretty irritated when he contionously points out other girls like 30 times or keeps saying how pretty a girl is. Hello, like I'm right there listening!

Missing Target.

ARGH!!!! Kay guys (XY) if you missed your target in the loo; no, it's not going to disappear as it evaporates. It'll just linger in the air. Just take some water and wash it off especially from the toilet seat and floor. GET IT?! Or else.

Sincerely Hit Girl(XX).


Hubbie (XY) and I, the wifey (XX) are on a trip yeay! But we got lost boo! He insisted on NOT asking for directions eventhough we wasted almost 2 hours! Finally it hits him that we're lost but he asks ME to ask for directions from a bunch of men by the road side. Reason being I have the feminine charm. Didn't realise you needed charms to get directions.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Car, the other woman.

Just got married about a year back. Hold the congratulations. Husband (XY) spends more money and time on the car then me (XX) face to face! Normal week 48 hours on car, 10 hours with me, awake. Aside from working and sleeping of course. Tried to join his hobby but got shooed off. Tried to accept it but he's spending too much money on the car. Yes we can afford it, for now. Yes there will be an intervention but I am right in being worried, right?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sibling rivalry.

Sister (XX) gets everything she wants. New car, PSP, room to her own, raise in allowence for shopping! Even when she crashed the car she still get the love and attention, none of the lectures. Me(XY)? I come home late from study group because it was raining and I have to WALK but got grounded instead. Thanks mom and dad for making me more independent.


GF (XX) wants a bag, okay it's her birthday so I (XY) got her an LV. She wants perfumes so I got her a expensive branded perfume, she did well in her exams. She wants a puppy, got her a teacup poodle, she doesn't want to take care of poodle okay I'll take care. Now she want to go on a trip to Japan to celebrate our 1 year annivessary guess whose suppose to pay? Sigh.